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What I do...

A fully qualified Analytical Hypnotherapist, I help my clients overcome the issues holding them back in life. I offer both one to one and group sessions and all of my clients receive tracks to listen to at home.


Over 11 million people in the UK suffer from an anxiety disorder and stress, although that number is likely to be far higher as many people don’t realise they have anxiety. Everyone suffers with stress and anxiety at some point in their lives but for people who have anxiety disorders this has a serious effect on their lives.
Medication itself is not enough to help people overcome anxiety, it helps to control the symptoms but does nothing to resolve the root cause. I teach my clients how to manage and change symptoms, teach mindfulness and self-hypnosis and resolve the root cause of the issue.


Fear is a natural response we all have to danger and is a survival instinct designed to help us avoid and escape dangerous situations. Phobias are more intense than fears and often lead to anxiety and panic attacks. Phobias are often learnt responses that exist in our subconscious mind and can have a severe effect on someones life, causing distress and holding them back in life. 
Phobias rarely have a single cause and can be caused by a number of factors, however using hypnosis I can uncover the root cause and help change your response to it by re routing neural pathways.
Quit smoking


Habits are created in your subconscious mind and are based on what we see important people do and actions that have helped us feel less anxious, bored or uncomfortable. Behavioural habits such as smoking, nail biting, hair pulling, thumb sucking and picking your skin become an automatic subconscious response through repetition and often result in immediate relief. This becomes an issue when there are negative consequences to the action. Hypnotherapy helps you to replace the old habit with a positive response that meets the original need and teaches you to cope more effectively with stress.


HypnoSlim with Nicky Elmer is a lifestyle and wellness programme aimed at helping clients not only lose weight but help them make positive changes that improve their physically and mental health. It is not a diet, I help my clients make the mental changes needed to overcome food and sugar addictions, resolve emotional issues that cause over eating and binging and increase their motivation to be more active.
I address any sleep issues and teach all clients self hypnosis and meditiation so they can maintain their mental health. 
Hypnotherapy for pain


Hypnotherapy was used to eliminate pain and conduct surgeries long before the discovery of painkillers and anaesthetics. Using hypnosis and being in a relaxed state encourages the body to produce natural painkillers such as endorphins and encephalins which are similar to morphine and heroin. Clients can also be taught how to induce anaesthesia in any part of their body, giving immediate relief from pain. 
Our thoughts are powerful and pain is influenced by our emotions and beliefs. Research shows that a positive mental attitude aides the healing process.


Having a baby is one of life's greatest gifts yet many women have the fear of pain in the forefront of their minds. HypnoBirthing with Nicky Elmer is a programme that teaches relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis to women to help them mentally and physically reduce fear, anxiety and pain during childbirth. Hypnobirthing women often describe feeling pressure instead of pain and have far less complications due to feeling more relaxed and in control.
Men play an important role in hypnobirthing by helping women to remain calm, offering support and making sure the Mum gets the birthing experience that she requires.


Insomnia - I help my clients overcome the issues keeping them awake and teach them how to get a better sleep.

Sports performance - I work with sports men and women to improve confidence, focus and visualisation.

IBS and Fybromyalgia - I help people reduce their symptoms and cope with the pain of both illnesses.

Confidence and Self Esteem - All of my clients get help to feel better about themselves if needed.

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